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Business Litigation

Mike represents companies and their owners in business disputes, sometimes when the future of the company is at stake. Always with an eye on the costs and disruptions caused by litigation, Mike designs a strategy to deliver results quickly and efficiently. 

Here are some of the ways Mike has delivered for his business clients: 

  • When a private equity firm purchased a construction company and then attempted to manufacture claims against the sellers to avoid payment, Mike brought claims for breach of the asset purchase agreement and delivered a large settlement for his client.

  • When an independent contractor sued a telecom distributor, Mike defended the action, negotiated a favorable settlement of the claim, and achieved results that discouraged a consolidated action. 

  • When a financial firm wrongfully diverted investment proceeds, Mike pursued the firm and its owner through multiple trials, finally forcing a favorable settlement at the courthouse before a contempt hearing that would have sent the owner of the firm to jail.

  • When defending a business entity against allegations of theft of trade secrets, Mike obtained a dismissal of all claims on the morning of the first day of a five-day trial. 

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